Blood Beneath the Hunter’s Moon

Author: Carl Dane
Published: December 2019



A Hawke & Carmody Western Novel.

The frontier version of organized crime is moving in on Shadow Valley, and the secretive spider at the center of the web wants Marshal Josiah Hawke out of the way.

Brazenly gunning down a marshal, even in Hawke’s lawless neck of the woods, will attract too much attention – so the syndicate’s minions goad the middle-aged marshal, a former bare-knuckle boxer, into a fight with a young contender intent on beating Hawke to death.

But the young fighter winds up unhappily horizontal, and the enraged crime boss ups the ante by scouring the West for new opponents to take down Hawke.

And as the tension mounts, Hawke’s girlfriend Elmira finds herself a target.

When the conflict boils over and turns deadly, Deputy Tom Carmody teams up with a resourceful magician whose show is playing in town. Together, they venture into the brilliantly moonlit night in a daring, desperate, and ultimately astonishing rescue attempt.