Bret Harte – A Bibliography

1867 The Lost Galleon and Other Tales & Condensed Novels
1870 The Luck of Roaring Camp & Plain Language from Truthful James
1871 Poems & East and West Poems
1872 Stories of the Sierras and Other Sketches & The Little Drummer
1873 Mrs. Skaggs’ Husbands
1875 Tales of the Argonauts & Echoes of the Foot-Hills
1876 Wan Lee: The Pagan, Gabriel Conroy & Two Men of Sandy Bar
1877 Thankful Blossom
1878 The Story of a Mine & Drift from Two Shores
1879 The Twins of Table Mountain
1880 Poetical Works
1882 Flip and Found at Blazing Star
1883 In the Carquinez Woods
1884 On the Frontier
1885 By Shore and Sedge & Maruja
1886 The Queen of the Pirate Isle & Snow-Bound at Eagle’s
1887 The Crusade of the Excelsior & A Millionaire of Rough-and-Ready
1888 A Phyllis of the Sierras & The Argonauts of North Liberty
1889 Cressy & The Heritage of Dedlow Marsh
1890 A Ward of the Golden Gate & A Waif of the Plains
1891 A Sappho of the Green Springs & A First Family of Tasajara
1892 Colonel Starbottle’s Client
1893 Susy: A Story of the Plains & Sally Dows
1894 A Protégée of Jack Hamlin’s & The Bell-Ringer of Angel’s
1895 Clarence & In a Hollow of the Hills
1896 Poetical Works of Bret Harte & Barker’s Luck and Other Stories
1897 Three Partners
1898 Some Later Verses, Tales of Trail and Town & Stories in Light and Shadow
1899 Mr. Jack Hamlin’s Meditation & The Complete Poetical Works
1900 From Sand Hill to Pine
1901 Under the Redwoods
1902 Condensed Novels: Second Series, Sue: A Play in Three Acts & Openings in the Old Trail
1903 Trent’s Trust
1909 The Lectures of Bret Harte
1912 Poems and Stories
1914 The Works of Bret Harte
1925 The Story of Enriquez
1926 Sketches of the Sixties & The Letters of Bret Harte
1941 Representative Selections
1952 The Outcasts of Poker Flat
1997 Selected Letters of Bret Harte