Charles Alden Seltzer – A Bibliography

Charles Seltzer’s books became very popular and sold many volumes, both locally and internationally. His overseas fan base extended to both Europe and Australia, and his book titles include:

1900 The Council of Three
1911 The Range Riders & The Two-Gun Man
1912 The Triangle Cupid & The Coming of the Law
1915 The Boss of the Lazy Y
1916 The Range Boss
1917 The Vengeance of Jefferson Gawne
1918 ‘Firebrand’ Trevison
1919 The Ranchman & The Trail to Yesterday
1920 The Trail Horde
1921 Beau Rand & ‘Drag’ Harland
1922 West!
1924 The Way of the Buffalo
1925 Channing Comes Through
1926 ‘Slow’ Burgess
1927 Land of the Free
1928 The Mesa, Mystery Range, Brass Commandments, The Valley of the Stars & The Gentleman from Virginia
1929 The Red Brand & The Raider
1930 Gone North
1931 A Son of Arizona
1932 Double Cross Ranch & War on Wishbone Range
1933 Lonesome Ranch & Clear the Trail
1934 West of Apache Pass
1935 Silver Spurs
1936 Kingdom in the Cactus
1937 Parade of the Empty Boots
1940 Treasure Ranch
1942 Arizona Jim
1943 So Long, Sucker