Emerson Hough – A Bibliography

Most of Emerson Hough’s novels were westerns or historical novels. His career began in 1895 and continued until after his death when the final book was published in 1925. Several of his novels were also made into films increasing his popularity.

1895 Singing Mouse Stories
1897 Story of the Cowboy
1900 Girl at the Halfway House
1902 The Mississippi Bubble – released in 1902 this novel became Emerson Hough’s most popular publication. The story is about John Law (a Scottish economist) and an economic bubble (the Mississippi Bubble) of investment in Louisiana. In the first month of the book’s release it averaged sales of 1000 copies each day.
1903 Way to the West
1904 Law of the Land
1905 Heart’s Desire
1906 King of Gee-Whiz & Story of the Outlaw
1907 Way of a Man
1909 54-40 (Fight) & The Sowing
1910 Young Alaskans & The Purchase Price
1912 John Rawn
1913 Lady and the Pirate, Out of Doors & Young Alaskans in the Rockies
1914 Young Alaskans on the Trail
1915 Getting a Wrong Start (Autobiography)
1916 Man Next Door, Magnificent Adventure & Let Us Go Afield
1917 Broken Gate
1918 Way Out, Passing of the Frontier & Young Alaskans in the Far North
1919 The Web & The Sage Brusher
1922 Young Alaskans on the Missouri & The Covered Wagon – A novel about a group of pioneers who travelled from Kansas to Oregon, during the Old West. They had to go through many obstacles which included frigid conditions in the mountains, extreme heat in the desert and an attack by the Native Americans. The novel was turned into a silent film in 1923, by Paramount Pictures.
1923 North of 36
1924 Mother of Gold
1925 Ship of Souls