Marah Ellis Ryan – A Bibliography

Ryan’s writing career latest from 1889 to 1924, and most of her stories were very sentimental. It has been over 40 years since any of her books have been reprinted.

Merze: The Story of an Actress
In Love’s Domain: A trilogy
Told in the Hills
A Pagan of Alleghanies
Squaw Elouise
A Flower of France: A Story of Old Louisiana
A Chance Child: Comrades, Hendrix and Margotte, and Persephone: Being Four Tales
The Bondwoman
That Girl Montana
Miss Moccasins
My Quaker Maid
Indian Love letters
The Flute of the Gods
For the Soul of Rafael
The Woman of the Twilight: The Story of a Story
Pagan Prayers – The majority of those that immigrated to the US during the 19th century were Christian. Other religions, especially those of the Native Americans, were seen as inferior and the Christian missionaries did everything they could to convert the masses. In this book Marah Ellis Ryan collects prayers and uses pagan as a reference to non-Christian. The collection was based mainly on the ways Native Americans worshipped, but still includes prayers from Muslim, Hindu and other religions.
The House of the Dawn
The Druid Path – Displaying her social consciousness, Marah wrote this collection of Irish short stories shortly after the turn of the century.
The Treasure Trail: A Romance of the Land of Gold and Sunshine
First Americans The Dancer of Tuluum