Max Brand – Bibliography

Even though Faust wrote under many different names, most of the stories that excelled were written as Max Brand. After his death, especially in the 1970s and 80s, many of his other books were republished under this pseudonym. The following list contains the stories originally published as Max Brand up to his death in 1944:

1919 The Untamed
1920 Trailin’ & The Night Horseman
1921 The Seventh Man
1923 Alcatraz, Tiger & Children of the Night
1924 Dan Barry’s Daughter, The Guide to Happiness, Gun Gentlemen & Clung
1925 His Third Master
1926 Fire Brain, Harrigan, Black Jack, The Stranger at the Gate, The White Wolf & Fate’s Honeymoon
1927 The Garden of Eden, Pride of Tyson & The Blue Jay
1928 Pleasant Jim, Pillar Mountain & The Gun Tamer
1929 Mistral
1930 Mystery Ranch & Destry Rides Again
1931 Smiling Charlie & The Happy Valley
1932 Valley Vultures, Twenty Notches & The Jackson Trail
1933 Slow Joe, The Longhorn Feud & The Outlaw
1934 Timbal Gulch Trail, The Rancher’s Revenge & Brothers on the Trail
1935 The Seven of Diamonds, Hunted Riders & Rustlers of Beacon Creek
1936 Happy Jack, The King Bird Rides & South of Rio Grande
1937 Trouble Trail, The Streak & Six Golden Angels
1938 The Iron Trail, Singing Guns & Dead or Alive
1939 Marbleface, Fightin’ Fool & Gunman’s Gold
1940 The Dude, The Secret of Dr. Kildare, Danger Trail, Calling Dr. Kildare, Wine on the Desert and Other Stories & Riders of the Plains
1941 The Border Kid, Young Dr. Kildare, The Long Chance, Dr. Kildare Goes Home, Vengeance Trail, Silver Tip & Dr. Kildare’s Crisis
1942 The Man from Mustang, Dr. Kildare’s Trial & Silvertip’s Strike
1943 Dr. Kildare’s Search, Silvertip’s Roundup & Silvertip’s Trap,
1944 The Fighting Four & Silvertip’s Chase