Owen Wister – A Bibliography

During his career, Owen Wister, published a variety of stories including novels, collections and poems. These include:


1892 The Dragon of Wantley: His Tale
1897 Lin McLean
1902 The Virginian: A Horseman of the Plains – With several film versions, this novel was the most popular one that Wister wrote and was dedicated to his good friend Theodore Roosevelt. To emphasize the novel’s popularity, it was reprinted fourteen times in its first eight months on the market.
1903 Philosophy 4: A Story of Harvard University
1904 A Journey in Search of Christmas
1906 Lady Baltimore
1911 Padre Ignacio or The Song of Temptation


1890 The Pale Cast of Thought & From Beyond the Sea
1897 Autumn on Wind River
1902 In Memoriam & Done in the Open
1910 Serenade
1921 Indispensable Information for Infants

Collections of Short Stories

1895 Red Men and White including: Specimen Jones & Little Big Horn Medicine
1900 The Jimmyjohn Boss and Other Stories including: Sharon’s Choice & Twenty Minutes for Refreshments
1911 Members of the Family including: The Gift Horse & Timberline
1927 Safe in the Arms of Croesus including: With the Coin of her Life & The Honeymoonshiners
1928 When West Was West including: Bad Medicine & Captain Quid
1972 The West of Owen Wister: Selected Short Stories including: Skip to my Loo & At the Sign of the Last Chance