Zane Grey – A List of Books by the Great Western Author


1908 The Last of the Plainsmen
1910 The Heritage of the Desert & The Young Forester
1911 The Young Lion Hunter
1912 Ken Ward in the Jungle & Riders of the Purple Sage – This book helped shaped the genre of western writing and is still considered by many to be one of the most popular western novels of all times
1913 Desert Gold
1914 The Light of Western Stars
1915 The Lone Star Ranger & The Rainbow Trail – Sequel to Riders of the Purple Sage
1916 The Border Legion
1917 Wildfire
1918 The Up Trail
1919 The Desert of Wheat
1920 The Man of the Forest
1921 The Mysterious Rider & To the Last Man
1923 Wanderer of the Wasteland & Tappan’s Burro
1924 The Call of the Canyon
1925 The Thundering Herd & The Vanishing American
1926 Under the Tonto Rim
1927 Forlorn River
1928 Nevada, Wild Horse Mesa, Don, the Story of a Lion Dog & Avalanche
1929 Fighting Caravans & Stairs of Sand
1930 The Wolf Tracker & The Shepherd of Guadaloupe
1931 Sunset Pass
1932 Arizona Ames & Robbers’ Roost
1933 The Drift Fence & The Hash Knife Outfit
1934 The Code of the West
1935 Thunder Mountain & The Trail Driver
1936 The Lost Wagon Train
1937 West of the Pecos
1938 Raiders of Spanish Peaks
1939 Western Union & Knights of the Range
1940 Thirty Thousand on the Hoof & Twin Sombreros
1942 Majesty’s Rancho
1943 Omnibus & Stairs of Sand
1944 The Wilderness Trek
1946 Shadow on the Trail
1947 Valley of Wild Horses
1948 Rogue River Feud
1949 The Deer Stalker
1950 The Maverick Queen
1951 The Dude Ranger
1952 Captives of the Desert
1953 Wyoming
1954 Lost Pueblo
1955 Black Mesa
1956 Stranger from the Tonto
1957 The Fugitive Trail
1958 Arizona Clan
1959 Horse Heaven Hill
1960 The Ranger and Other Stories
1961 Blue Feather and Other Stories
1975 Zane Grey’s Greatest Indian Stories
1979 The Camp Robber and Other Stories
1996 Last of the Duanes
2003 The Desert Crucible
2004 Tonto Basin
2007 Shower of Gold
2008 The Great Trek


1919 Tales of Fishes
1924 Tales of Southern Rivers
1925 Tales of Fishing Virgin Seas
1926 Tales of the Angler’s Eldorado, New Zealand
1927 Tales of Swordfish and Tuna
1928 Tales of Fresh Water Fishing
1931 Tales of Tahitian Waters
1937 An American Angler in Australia
1952 Adventures in Fishing
1974 The Adventures of Finspot
1977 The Reef Girl
1978 Tales from a Fisherman’s Log
1982 Angler’s Eldorado: Zane Grey in New Zealand
2009 Tales of the Gladiator


1903 Betty Zane
1906 Spirit of the Border & The Last Trail
1963 Boulder Dam
1994 George Washington, Frontiersman


1906 The Short Stop
1911 The Young Pitcher
1920 The Redheaded Outfield and other Baseball Stories


1922 Tales of Lonely Trails
1924 Roping Lions in the Grand Canyon
1931 Book of Camps and Trails
1981 The Lord of Lackawaxen Creek


1922 The Day of the Beast
1982 Lost in the Never Never